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About Us

HG FIT was originally born Hot Gates cross-fit, however, in 2020 rebranded to HG FIT.  HG FIT is a well-established, independent functional fitness gym (known as a 'box'), based in Kempston just outside of the heart of Bedford's city centre. The central location makes this gym perfect for anyone living or working in Bedfordshire, or surrounding areas such as Milton Keynes and Luton. Our location makes the gym accessible for those who travel by public transport but still allows us space away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre, especially during summer where some of our workouts take place outside. 

Our vision for HG FIT is to be the best independent functional fitness gym in Bedfordshire and we do this by creating a competitive, fun, and engaging place to train. We pride ourselves on the community we have built and we guarantee you'll never be short of a workout partner. ​ Our coaches strive to inspire and teach challenging and progressive workouts. We ensure that we have created an environment at HG FIT where every athlete is given the tools and training to achieve their fitness goals.


Meet The Coaches


I joined HG FIT as a member back in 2015.  I was hooked instantly and since then have bought and now run the 'Box'. I am the full-time head coach. I am passionate about making sure all of my members have the best experience they can as they progress along their journey as part of the HG FIT community. 

I have my CrossFit L1 and L2 qualifications, as well as British Weight Lifting L1 and L2.


Starting out as the founding Head Coach at HG back in 2015, I went on to manage one of the largest boxes in the UK before returning to my roots here as a Co-owner in 2023.

With 20+ years of Coaching experience, I am passionate about functional fitness and making it as inclusive and fun as possible and creating a safe space to train in where our members can feel a strong sense of purpose and belonging! 

I am a Power Athlete Certified Coach, CrossFit Level 3 Trainer and NASM CPT with specialisms in Senior Fitness and Cancer Recovery and love to continue developing my craft!


I was instantly crazy about the energy of the first class I took at HG FIT and how friendly everyone was.  I love functional fitness because there’s so much to learn and the workouts are always challenging and engaging, which makes you work even harder.​ 


CrossFit L1 trainer 


Our Facilities


At HG FIT, we have everything you need for before, during, and after your workout. We have changing rooms, toilets, and showers. We even have a small kitchen where you can make your pre-workout coffee, or post work out protein shake. 

Unlike a regular gym, you’ll never be fighting over or waiting for equipment. For our classes of up to 12 people, we have over 50 sets of dumbbells ranging from weights 2.5kg to 22.5kg and over 40 kettlebells ranging from weights 6kg to 40kg, so we can promise you'll never be short of equipment. 

Additionally, we have over 1300kg of plates, 8 x 15kg and 8 x 20 kg Olympic bars, and 6 lighter training bars for those just starting! 

We have a purpose-built rig around the gym, which can be used for squat racks, with adjustable heights. The rigging also provides us with multiple pull-up bars also at varying heights. 

What else?  We have more skipping ropes, ab mats, varied weight medicine balls, resistance bands, and plyometric boxes than we can count.  Just in case that isn't enough, we also have climbing ropes, assault bikes, rowers, ski machines, and plenty of room outside of the gym for running. 

We run hour-long, coached sessions between 6:00 - 1:30 and 17:30 - 20:30. During the day, the gym is open for individual workouts (open gym). You will have access to all of the equipment and the up-to-date WOD (work out of the day). This time is uncoached, however, there will always be a coach in the gym if you need any help. They may even join you for a workout. 


 Our Brand Values



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