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This is a 2-week intensive Introduction course


You will have the guidance of professional coaches with over 15 years of experience teaching you how to do the fundamental movements so that you can join any of HGFIT's classes.


Our ON-RAMP courses are held every month for any fitness level.


This course is £60 for 4 x 1-hour sessions, which takes place on the Monday and Wednesday evening of the  first two weeks of every month.

Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to get your first full month's membership at half-price.



At HGFIT we believe what really makes someone stick with an exercise routine is regularly having new short term goals and ways to measure their improvement. Nothing is more motivating than accomplishing something you never thought possible!

This is anything but a fad!

At HGFIT  under the guidance of the coaches you’ll follow a development process that helps you continue to get stronger and faster, all while avoiding boredom and plateaus. We love seeing people challenge themselves and then succeed. In fact, we rate our success as a coaching staff by the success of our members.

We have Doctors, students, mechanics, manual labourers, office workers, Professional sports men/women, police staff, fire fighters, NHS staff and all other professions working out together in the SAME class. The best part is, no matter their background, or what level of fitness they started at, they completely support each other and celebrate each others accomplishments.

When you’re having a rough day or hard time in the gym, you’ll have a friend here who can get you through.

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