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Personal Training

What’s different about the personal training we offer from our general classes? Well, classes are group personal training. You’ll still get help with your form, encouragement and some personal attention, but with one on one personal training sessions, you can work on your specific goals and we’ll create a session that’s bespoke and personal to you and what you want to achieve. Want to run your first 5k, sign up for Iron Man or simply lose a few pounds before your holiday? Personal training is a great way to ensure you smash those goals.

How much does personal training cost? 

1 session of personal training costs £35.

If You want to buy in bulk please email James at

5 sessions for a discounted price of £160.

10 sessions for a discounted price of £300.

*These sessions are non-refundable. 


""I'm really happy I decided to get some 121 PT sessions with Mikey. I wanted the extra 121 support & I feel like I've learnt so much more having Mikey there. He listens, is really easy to get along with & makes sessions fun. He makes you feel comfortable straight away and you know that you're training with someone that has put a lot of effort into planning your session & really knows their stuff. I've had other trainers in the past learning Olympic lifting & Mikey is best by far. I will definitely be back for more sessions soon "

"I'm slightly on the older side and have struggled in the past with going to the gym but having james by my side to help me stay motivated and keep things fun but still challenging has been exactly what I needed.  I would 100% recommend starting your fitness journey with a PT session at HGFIT

"Loving my sessions with Mikey. I personally struggle with mastering a couple of the foundational movements - something I've been embarrassed about given how much I love exercise. I asked Mikey to help me with my form to build confidence. So far it's been brilliant, I get in-depth coaching on areas I need it most - more than you'd receive in a class environment. I enjoy the new, dynamic ways he makes me work and is able to address my weaknesses. He is also a great guy who is passionate about helping you enjoy it!"

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